Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Commercial Builders and Contractors

If you want to close more deals, maximize every sales opportunity, you must have a CRM and Lead Management solution specifically designed for commercial builders and contractors.

check   Lead and prospect management
check   Customizable follow-up plans and workflow for every step in the sales, bidding and job processes
check   Follow-up plans automatically adjust according to prospect life cycle and priority
check   Automated follow-up emails
check   Manage your customers, vendors, subcontractors, contacts and tasks
check   Lead document management (associate pictures, documents, quotes, plans, etc. to lead)
check   Custom alerts and reminders (email, text and calendar)

Bid Tracking, Management and Reporting

Prepare and track all your bids for a single job in one place.

check   Understand what bids are in the pipeline, when each are due, who is working on them and what is the next step
check   Assigned workflow to each step in the bidding process
check   Report on sales and profitability by customer, division/territory, industry and more
check   Analyze why you are winning some bids, while losing others

Proposal Builder and Proposal Automation

Dynamically prepare and manage professional proposals from standardized documents and templates

check   Combine multiple documents and templates into a single proposal
check   Email, print and download your proposal in to a single PDF or Word document
check   Get alerts when the proposal is received and approved online

Customizable Follow-Up Plans and Workflow

Timely and effective follow-up so you know what to do in every step of the sales, bidding and job process.

check   An unlimited number of customized follow-up plans can be designed to fit your specific needs
check   Our experienced consultants will help you design plans that work
check   Templates and examples are available as part of the setup and training process
check   Follow-up plans automatically adjust to the priority and status of your clients
check   Tasks on your follow-up plans can be delegated and automated freeing up your agent's time to do what they do best - sell!
check   Alerts and reminders ensure timely follow-up
check   Completed follow-up tasks are automatically included in the history and reports
check   Advanced reporting highlights what follow-up has been completed and what has not

Interfaces to your Accounting, ERP, bidding systems and more

Monitor your opportunities, bidding, jobs, marketing programs and sales. Understand what is working and what is not - all at the touch of a button.

Branded Email Marketing

Professional, branded email campaigns directly to customers, building owners, property managers, prospects and more with a touch of a button.

check   Target general contractors, building owners, property managers by industry, sub-industry, status and more.
check   Multiple branded email templates and layouts are built for you
check   Track opens, clicks, bounces and opt-outs
check   Analysis and reporting allows you to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns
check   All email activity is recorded in the history for view in one place
check   Advanced email marketing technology ensures your emails make it to the inbox
check   Your branded emails are tested on all major email readers to ensure they display correctly for everyone
check   Email marketing is fully integrated with the CRM module so all your data and activity is in one place

Industry Leading Reports and Analytics

Monitor your opportunities, bidding, jobs, marketing programs and sales. Understand what is working and what is not - all at the touch of a button.

check   Analyze your opportunities, bids, jobs by customer, division, terriority, industry and more
check   Track follow-up activity and understand what is getting done and what is not
check   Understand why you are winning and losing jobs
check   Analyze the sources of your leads to understand which marketing programs are working and which are not
check   Save your report to Excel, PDF, Word and many other file formats

phone TopBuilder Solutions Mobile

Our mobile application allows you to manage your business on the go.

check   Manage leads
check   View and update history
check   Manage contact information (tap to dial or email)
check   Alerts, reminders and tasks

24x7 Personal On-Call Training & Support

Personal on-call support allows you to get help when needed... from a person.

check   You will be assigned an account manager who you will call or email directly if you need help - plus there is a support team to backup your account manager
check   Complimentary training
check   Call or email anytime if you need help or have questions
check   Our consultants and account managers have decades of experience working with builders, construction professionals and technology

We are the only company to combine all these features in one, easy-to-use, affordable, cloud-based solution.

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